Hello and Welcome to the Design Briefing!
Please try to fill out the questionaire as carefully and detailed as possible. This will give me an overview and insight into your business. The more detailed you provide your information the more efficient I can help you to develop your brand. If there are any questions or suggestions do not hesitate to contact me via email or phone.

The content of this briefing is a firm working basis for both sides and component of the job.

Of course I will keep your information in secret.
Okay, let’s go!
What is the name of your corporation or project? *

What is the topic of the project? *

Please provide a counterpart for queries … *

Some general information about the task

What are the planned measures to be implemented?

What exactly is the task?

What is situation of the corporation? (e. g. marketing situation, sales figures, company-internal)

Can you provide some relevant facts and data regarding your business? (e. g. statistics, empirical values)

How is the market situation? (market position, products, competitive context)

The aim of the communication activities

What is the aim of the communication activities (e. g. sales increase, increase in turnover, increase of publicity, image building)

Brand / Product / Company

Please try to provide a precise description of the brand / the company / the product or service)

The benefit of the product or service

What is the customer benefit?

Why is the product or service able to provide that benefit?

What are the main arguments for buying your product or using your service?

Target group

Who is the target group?

Please try to provide a detailed description (e. g. age, income, gender, branch, quantity)

Image / tonality / style

Is there a comparative (desired) image of a brand you like?

Material / artwork

Are there compulsory restricting presets? (e. g. existing corporate design, logos, colors, typefaces)

What is already there? (e. g. pictorial material, texts …)

What is to provide / accomplish by you?

What is to provide / accomplish by the designer?

What do you deliver until when?

Dates and budget

When to start?

Are there any events or trade fairs you want to participate?

What is the deadline?

When to start?

Is there a budget guideline or etat?

Additional remarks

Is there something left you want to say?

Simon Broich — Bureau for Design

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